Planning for an Emergency

Planning for an Emergency

Many carers worry about what will happen to the person they care for in the event of an emergency e.g. if you are rushed to hospital, who will step in?

In the event of an emergency during the day, you can contact North Tyneside Council’s Gateway Team on (0191) 643 2777.

If an emergency situation arises during the evening or on a weekend when many services are closed, contact North Tyneside Council’s Out of Hours Service who can respond quickly to crisis situations  – 0330 333 7475.

Here at North Tyneside Carers’ Centre we run a Planning for an Emergency training session. If you are interested please contact for details

My Back up Planning tool from Carers UK offers useful advice for carers to prepare for an emergency.

Carers’ Emergency Break Service

Carers’ Emergency Break Service

North Tyneside Council operates an emergency break service, which helps carers develop an emergency bespoke plan. The service responds to a request for help at any time of the day. There is no charge for this service up to 48 hours, however after this charges for support may apply.

Once registered with the scheme you will be issued with a card. This should be carried at all times and includes a reference and telephone number, therefore anyone can activate the plan.

If the ‘emergency’ lasts longer than 48 hours and the network of support you have identified is unable to meet all the longer term support or care needs, a social care assessment will be undertaken.

To register or for further information, contact 0330 333 7475 or email

Care Call Service

Care Call is a 24-hour support service available to anyone in North Tyneside who may feel vulnerable at home. There are three levels of care:

Level 1
When the alarm is pressed, a member of staff will respond to find out what help is needed. They can contact a relative or friend to alert them or call 999 if immediate medical help is needed.

Level 2
As above, but also arranges for a mobile warden to visit at home or call 999 for emergency help.

Level 3
This level of service is for people who would benefit from a few pieces of equipment. They may need the assistance of a mobile warden or would like the reassurance of someone visiting them fortnightly.

Technology to help you stay in your own home

The Care Call service also offers a wide variety of equipment to improve security and peace of mind. E.g Door sensors, Smoke alarms that are linked to the Care Call Centre, prompts and pill dispensers for medication reminders.

To find out more contact Care Call on 0330 333 7475.

Carers Direct

Helpline is open Monday to Friday, 9am to 8pm and weekends, 11am to 4pm. Call 0300 123 1053.