Taking a Break From Caring

Caring for someone can impact your health and wellbeing considerably. It is important to make time for yourself and take a break from caring. Breaks are a vital in order to maintain your wellbeing as they provide you with valuable time and space to recharge your batteries. It is important that you understand the options available to you and that you know how to access them.

There are several ways in which you may take a break as a carer. You may need a regular break each week for a few hours, a week or two for a holiday or even a combination. Only you will know what type of break is best for you.

Think about the kind of break that would benefit you and what kind of service the person you are looking after needs. You should also consider if replacement care is required while you take a break.

You might choose to go on holiday with the person you look after or you may wish to go away alone; perhaps the person you look after might go into respite or go away on holiday while you stay at home.

There are various options available to you if you wish to have a break:

  • Getting help from Adult Social Care
    • An assessment for the person you care for may include respite as part of their support plan.
    • If your Carer’s Assessment identifies that you have eligible needs, North Tyneside Council will develop a support plan with you and may agree that you need a break as part of your support plan.
  • Asking family and friends to help
  • Paying for a break/arranging replacement care yourself
  • Accessing funding from a benevolent fund or charity
    • The Family Holiday Association provides breaks for UK families struggling with issues such as disability, severe or sudden illness, bereavement, mental health issues and domestic violence.
    • The Family Fund, a UK charity that provides grants for families raising disabled, or seriously ill children and young people.
  • Getting leisure discounts such as North Tyneside’s Carers Ease Card offers discounted social and leisure activities. Find more fantastic carers discounts on the Concessions & discounts for carers section of our website.