Introducing the Young Carers Service

What is a young carer?

Young Carers are children and young people aged 5-18 who help to look after somebody in their family because that person has a disability, illness, mental health difficulty, or because that person misuses drugs or alcohol.

There are lots of different things that young carers might do to help, these could include:

  • Helping to do the shopping
  • Cooking
  • Cleaning
  • Looking after younger brothers or sisters
  • Giving medication
  • Helping the person they care for go to the toilet or have a shower
  • Keeping them company when they’re feeling down. Lots of young carers say that they worry about the person they care for when they aren’t with them and feel they need to check they are okay.

Caring can sometimes be a positive experience and can help young people to develop important skills like communication, time management and empathy, which can be very useful when applying for jobs or further education.

Sometimes caring can be difficult and it can make life more challenging for the young person. Young carers are more likely to experience barriers related to their mental health, family life, social life and education, than their peers who do not have caring responsibilities.

If you are a young carer or a family member in need of support, please contact the Young Carers’ Project team who will talk to you about your situation on 0191 2496480. You can also speak to your teachers at school about your caring responsibilities who will be able to carry out a Young Carers Needs Assessment.

How we can help

The Young Carers Service is a team of 1:1 and activities workers who work with young carers to practical and emotional support around their caring role. This includes:

  • A safe space to be listened to and explore your role as a young carer
  • Help to understand the disability or illness of the person you care for
  • An opportunity to take part in fun activities and make new friends
  •  Joining our Young Carers Forum to have your say about issues matters most to you as young carers

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You can often feel isolated as a result of your caring role. We understand how important it is to have someone to talk to and to have the opportunity to relax and take a break from caring. We therefore deliver regular peer support groups and social activities across North Tyneside. Many of our groups and activities are run by volunteers who are carers themselves and you will have the opportunity to:

  • Talk to others who understand what you are going through
  • Share your experiences and learn how others cope.
  • Exchange practical advice and information about services and activities
  • Access ongoing emotional support
  • Relax and enjoy taking some time out from caring
  • Make new friends and new social networks
  • Have fun and try something new

We understand that it can be difficult to walk into a group or activity for the first time, so you will be greeted by a worker or volunteer who will make you feel welcome. They will offer you refreshments and introduce you to other carers. If you prefer we can arrange for one of our workers to contact you before you attend and discuss your concerns or go with you.

Please click here to see our calendar of events.

If you are unable to leave the person you care for to attend any of our groups or activities, please contact the Centre and we will discuss the options available to you.

Quote from carer

“It is such a relief to share thoughts and feelings with likeminded people without judgement or guilt. To explain a problem, feeling or situation and see people nodding and saying ‘I’ve been there – try this”

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