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Our Staff Team

Management Team

Claire Easton Chief Executive
Donna Henderson Finance Manager
Julie King Adult Carers’ Service Manager
Peter Thorp Young Carers’ Service Manager

Adult Carers Services’ Team

Lesley Gair Carers Wellbeing Worker
Anna Dorward Training and Development Coordinator
Stirling Hood Carers into Work Advisor
Joanne Playle Carers Wellbeing Worker
Sophie Dawson Carers Wellbeing Worker (Mental Health)
Ros Hull Carers Wellbeing Worker (Mental Health)
Jacqui Horton Carer Community Link Worker
Sue Lambert Carer Community Link Worker
Andrea Lanaghan Carer Community Link Worker
Sara Phipps Carers Prevention Worker
Steve Forster Carers Covid Response Worker
Gina Smith Carers Prevention Worker

Young Carers Services’ Team

Anne Longstaff Young Carers Link Worker
Family Support Worker
Claudia Blake Family Support Worker
. Family Support Worker
Clair Cetin Family Support Worker
Gail Duxfield Family Support Worker
Chris Selby Breaks and Activities Coordinator
Alice Hewson Social Action Project Co-ordinator & Media and Communications Officer
Olvina Gkegka Sessional Worker
Abi Moffatt Sessional Worker
Eleanor Wheeler Sessional Worker
Ben Wilkin Breaks and Activities Coordinator