Strategic Priorities

To help fulfil our purpose and work towards our vision, the following strategic priorities will underpin everything we do until 2023.

  1. Extending our Reach to Improve Early Identification of Carers
    We will work with other agencies, the public and carers to publicise and promote our services and ensure that those with caring responsibilities are recognised and supported in a timely manner.
  2. Increasing Carer Involvement
    We will promote the value and contribution of carers so that they are recognised as expert partners in planning individual care and in designing local service provision.
  3. Developing Opportunities for Carers to Reach their Potential
    We will work with carers to empower them to fulfil their potential and pursue their individual aspirations.
  4. Improving Carers Physical and Mental Wellbeing
    We will work with carers to help them understand their strengths and the impact of caring on their wellbeing. We will explore the services and interventions available to help carers to build their resilience.
  5. Developing a Strong and Sustainable Organisation
    We will be an enterprising, sustainable, well connected, leading organisation in North Tyneside. We will maintain high standards and deliver social impact, whilst establishing best practice governance with clear accountability.

You can download our full Corporate Strategy here.