Government says how energy rebate will work

There has been an unprecedented rise in household energy bills with the average October 2021 annual bill of £1400 predicted to rise to £3650 by January 2023.

The Government’s Energy Bills Support Scheme will deliver some relief with a £400 non-repayable discount to all households to help with energy bills from autumn. There is no need to apply for the discount, energy suppliers will deliver this support to all households with a domestic electricity connection over 6 months (£66 per month) from October 2022. If you are on a traditional pre-payment meter look out for post from your electricity supplier, they will be sending monthly paper vouchers that you redeem at your normal top up points.

Be wary of scams, you do not need to provide any information to anyone to receive this money. The discount will automatically be applied beginning October. A great place to keep on eye on potential scams is the Age UK Fraud Advice web page.

Here is a useful summary of the Government plans