Spare a thought for carers and the cared for this Christmas

While we all enjoy a well deserved break over Christmas and new year, North Tyneside Carers’ Centre asks you to spare a thought for the inspiring carers that are so often overlooked at this time of year.

Unpaid carers too will be working relentlessly to ensure vulnerable family, friends and neighbours are all cared for over the festive period. Care doesn’t stop for Christmas and the work they all do is invaluable and worthy of our praise.

Life as an unpaid carer rarely leaves time to enjoy life and many carers feel stuck. For every child waking up to open their Christmas presents, there are others whose first thoughts are making sure a loved one gets their medication.

So while we remember the emergency services, doctors and nurses who will be giving up their holiday to keep us safe and well, please also spare a thought for carers. If you have older or vulnerable people living nearby, please try to call in on them during the holidays to see how they are doing. For some, it might be the only contact they get over what can be a very lonely time of the year.