Carers invited to learn new skills at our Connecting Carers workshops

North Tyneside Carers’ Centre would like to invite carers to join us at our Connecting Carers’ sessions.

Sessions are free of charge and will take place at various locations across North Tyneside, with aims of educating carers on how to improve their well-being by getting connected, being active, learning a new skill, understanding thoughts and creating positive feelings.

This is a five week course and carers MUST attend the first session to continue with the course. As well as a full breakdown of what each session will cover below, you can find the start dates of each course on our events calendar.

Session One – Connecting

Carers often become isolated because of the demands of their caring role, in this session you will meet with other carers and take that first step towards caring for your own well-being.

Session Two – Be Active 

There is lots of research about how mental health is improved by physical exercise and our second session will focus on how you can start or develop your own ideas about getting active.

Session Three – Learn a New Skill

The aim of this session is for you to identify a new skill or breathe new life into an old one and begin the journey of exploring avenues to introduce or resurrect your chosen skill.

Session Four – Thoughts and Feelings 

Being aware of what you are thinking, how you are feeling, what your body is telling you and noticing the world around you is very powerful for your mental health. We will be discovering how you can make a difference in your awareness.

Session Five – Cos You’re Worth It 

Acts of kindness and giving create positive feelings, a sense of purpose and self-worth. We will explore what this means for you as it can take many forms.

To book your place, please contact the centre at (0191) 643 2298 or email us at