Young Carers help make safeguarding film

Congratulations to our young carers for helping to make this important and brilliantly designed film about Safeguarding. It’s a tough subject but who better to explain where you can go if you or a friend are in trouble than another young person?  

New Rights for Carers!

On May 24, the Carers’ Leave Act became law and changed the working lives of carers who are also in employment.  The new law helps working carers remain in work by giving 5 days of leave each year to cover tasks such as accompanying the person they care for to

When carers need support, it has to be local

In this year’s Carers’ Survey, carers told us they wanted support to be close to home where they live and they care for someone. The charity faced a decision, where to move to and how to answer carers’ preference to receive their support more locally. We decided to bring services