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We have developed strong links with other health and social care organisations supporting carers in the borough of North Tyneside. If you need specialist support that we do not have in house, we will signpost you to the appropriate organisation. 

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SIGN North Tyneside

North Tyneside's Commitment to Carers

LD Care Forum

SIGN - North Tyneside

Signpost • Information • Guidance • Network

North Tyneside Carers’ Centre is pleased to be a member of SIGN North Tyneside. SIGN is a network of local organisations who provide free, independent and confidential advice and information to local people. They can assist you with queries in relation a host of issues including health and social care services, benefits and finances, housing, employment, debt managment, consumer issues and they can help you find advocacy support. 

You can contact any member of SIGN and they will be able to put you in touch with those local organisations best able to provide the help and support that you need.

Age UK North Tyneside Care and Connect
Community and Health Care Forum Disability North
Healthwatch North Tyneside Independent Advocacy North East
Learning Disability North East North Tyneside Adult Social Care Gateway Team
North Tyneside Citizen Advice Bureau North Tyneside Coalition of Disabled People
Skills for People  


SIGN members are currently working together to develop an app which will help local residents find the information and support they need. The App will take you through a series of questions about the issue you are interested in and will signpost you to the organisations that can help.

The SIGN app will be available to download this February.

Find out more about SIGN here.

North Tyneside’s Commitment to Carers

We have been a key partner in developing North Tyneside’s Commitment to Carers with:

The Commitment builds on previous achievements in working with carers and sets out how the lead partners intend to respond to the needs of all carers who regularly care for ill or disabled family members and friends.

What is our Commitment?

During 2014 and early 2015 a significant amount of consultation was carried out with carers to agree the priorities that would be taken forward from the previous Carers’ Strategy. North Tyneside’s Commitment to Carers’ is based upon six priorities:

  1. Earlier identification of carers and the provision of quality information
  2. Improved communication
  3. Improved carer health, wellbeing and support
  4. Support that enables carers to go to/continue to work or in education
  5. Carers have access to emotional support
  6. Smooth transition of support from children’s to adult services

To read North Tyneside’s Commitment to Carers, please click here

A steering group has been established to oversee this work. This consists of commissioners from North Tyneside Council and the North Tyneside Clinical Commissioning Group and the Carers’ Centre. All organisations involved are fully committed to delivering this plan and will ensure the plan is adopted and the relevant people are held accountable.

To read the Commitment to Carers' Action Plan, please click here.

North Tyneside Carers' Charter


We have worked in partnership with carers in North Tyneside to develop a Carers' Charter: a set of principles to promote good practice and better recognition.

We would encourage you to check if the organisations supporting you have signed up to this Charter, and if they have not please feel free to advise them to contact the Centre.

Read the North Tyneside Carers' Charter here.

North Tyneside Carers’ Voluntary Sector Forum

We facilitate the North Tyneside Carers’ Voluntary Sector Forum, where voluntary organisations supporting carers meet to:

Healthwatch North Tyneside

We work closely with Healthwatch North Tyneside: who work with carers and people who have used local NHS and social care services to hear about your experiences, identify any issues or problems and help bring improvements.

For more information about Healthwatch please click here.


LD Care Forum

The Learning Disability Care Forum is a partnership between carers, users, providers, North Tyneside Council and Healthwatch North Tyneside and is open to all.  The forum is  a mechanism for carers to raise issues and hear from organisations and professionals about service plans and developments.  A steering group sets the agenda for the forum.

The Steering Group welcomes new members so if you are interested in getting involved please contact:

Learning Disability Care Forum meetings are be held at the  Langdale Centre, Langdale Gardens, Howdon, NE28 0HG.

10am to 12pm on the following dates:


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