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Carers Week in North Tyneside: Making Carers Visible

This year has been particularly challenging for carers, as responsibilities and caring roles have increased and new carers have been identified. According to Carers UK 4.5 million people became unpaid carers as a result of the coronavirus pandemic. More people taking on caring roles or having their usual caring responsibilities
Posted  on 23rd July 2021 0
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My Journey: An adult carers story, written by a North Tyneside carer

My Journey with North Tyneside carers began many years ago before they were fully developed into the organisation of the present today. Way back in the day excellent support and guidance were offered with the frugal resource they had and at that time I felt ‘not worthy’ after all my
Posted  on 16th June 2021 0
Carers Stories, Success stories, Young Carers

Why the Carers’ Centre is important to me: A blog post written by Niamh, a young adult carer

  Carers’ centres all over the country support young carers in many kinds of situations and circumstances but especially to help them deal with their mental health and well-being which is obviously extremely important for a young persons development. From family support workers to Social Action Coordinators all of whom
Posted  on 4th June 2021 0
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Adult Carers Forum; representing the views of carers

It is important carers have a platform within the Carers’ Centre, that you are listened to and are able to have your voices heard. Everything we do requires feedback, guidance and suggestions from those who access our services. Carers have great valuable insight into what works, and areas in need
Posted  on 28th May 2021 0

North Tyneside Carers’ Centre support carers to receive Covid vaccinations

Since February 2021, the Carers’ Centre has worked closely with the Clinical Commissioning Group, Primary Care Networks and North Tyneside Council to support carers between 16 – 65 years to be invited for their Covid vaccinations. Carers already known to the Centre were invited to book appointments and new carers
Posted  on 24th May 2021 0