Why the Carers’ Centre is important to me: A blog post written by Niamh, a young adult carer


Carers’ centres all over the country support young carers in many kinds of situations and circumstances but especially to help them deal with their mental health and well-being which is obviously extremely important for a young persons development.

From family support workers to Social Action Coordinators all of whom have been specially trained in supporting and caring for carers and their families as well as noticing behavioural differences, knowing how best to support us in many different situations and caring roles.

Young carers’ voices should be heard loud and clear because there is so much stigma around them. Many young carers find it difficult to manage their school work, caring for their family member and social life. It can be difficult to be understood. The common belief is that young carers do badly throughout their education because of their immense responsibility at home or perhaps the stigma lies with the belief that young carers only care for those with a physical disability. This is obviously completely wrong as disability comes in all shapes and sizes.

Over the last year many families have felt and experienced hardships because of the coronavirus pandemic, but for young carers this time has been as stressful as ever, with not being allowed to see friends and perhaps dealing with stressed parents and scared siblings at home. Young carers have felt more responsibility than ever before, that’s why North Tyneside Carers’ Centre has been so helpful to me, with staff supporting carers over zoom and organising opportunities that still adhere to government guidelines. Despite the struggles and difficulties in their life young carers continue to prove that they are strong, brilliant individuals who will without a doubt make a difference to society in the coming years.