Getting Carers Into Work

Since joining the team in April 2020, Carers into Work Advisor Stirling has been working hard to support carers at various stages of their lives and caring journey to return to work, find a new job, or return to further education.

The world feels full of doom and gloom right now due to the coronavirus pandemic, so we’re sharing some much-needed good news to update carers in a similar position that help and support is available for you to find a more supportive, secure and fulfilling job right here in North Tyneside.

  • In just a few short months 19 carers have registered themselves onto the Return to Work programme
  • 4 carers have found new employment as a result of working with Stirling
  • 1 carer is starting a new job on the 14th October
  • 1 carer has returned to pursue a course in further education
  • 1 carer has begun a Traineeship with the prospect of progression into an apprenticeship
  • Several carers are engaging in online learning courses as we speak
Stirling has worked on a one to one basis with carers to produce or polish their CV, given advice and guidance on job applications, advice and guidance on interviews and their rights as a carer at work.
If you feel ready to return to work, or would benefit from some time with our Carers into Work Advisor Stirling please do not hesitate to contact us – we can’t wait to help you explore your ambitions and aspirations. Call us on 0191 643 2998 or email