Free Dementia Sessions at North Tyneside Carers’ Centre

North Tyneside Carers’ Centre are running free sessions which can help improve your knowledge about your loved ones’ condition and look at all aspects of the caring role you have taken on. The five sessions will take place at the Carers’ Centre from 1.30pm until 4pm.

Finding your way – 10th March 2020

In this session we will give you an overview of the course and look at what matters to you in your caring role. We shall identify issues you would like to work on, look at how ‘the system’ works and your rights as a carer, look at the mental capacity framework and how it affects you and the person you care for.

Coping with Dementia – 17th and 24th March 2020

In sessions 2 and 3 we will look at memory problems and dementia and discuss ways to communicate more effectively, exploring the reasons for challenging and unusual behaviours and how they might be minimised. We will also look at ways of supporting the person with dementia while they exhibiting these behaviours.

Caring and me – 31st March 2020

This session is designed to help you consider your own wellbeing. We will look at what you could do to minimise stress and relax. You will have a chance to take time out and think about how you juggle competing demands and how your caring role fits with other aspects of your life.

Caring day by day – 7th April 2020

In this session we will look at the practical aspects of looking after someone with memory problems including dementia and how it can affect your life – from medication to finances, to emergencies at home. We will look at services that can help you and discounts and entitlements.

If you would like to come along to any or all of the sessions, please contact by phone on 0191 643 2298, or via email at