Caring in Quarantine – Diary Entries

The first in our new series, we reached out to carers to record their thoughts and feelings about what life has been like during this unprecedented and stressful time. Caring in quarantine during a global pandemic has placed enormous stress and worry on carers – this is their voice and their story.


Date 6/04/2020

Today marks two weeks since Boris Johnson declared lockdown on the UK. I am so bored but it is definitely a sigh of relief as I don’t have to worry now about going into school and potentially bringing something back to my dad which would be a death sentence to him. My mum stopped going into the hospital about two weeks ago but was still seeing her patients in their homes who were also isolating as she is a specialist nurse and gives very specific care. However, on Friday, her company decided she couldn’t do that anymore due to the risk to my dad if she brought anything home to him. Going shopping is so weird now because you have to line up to go in and then always keep away from people but it’s stressful because it can still get busy and therefore keeping 2m away from people is almost impossible. I went shopping yesterday and a woman walked right up behind me and stayed there, and it make me feel sick. We’re just trying to shop as infrequently as we can.

Written by a young carer in North Tyneside.


Date 11/05/2020

Today Boris announced an easing of the lockdown in England that is to happen on Wednesday and I’d be lying if I said I was okay with it. I just know people will take the mick and going outside will be even more difficult than before. My boyfriend and I have been finding taking the dog out difficult anyway because there is so many people out so having unlimited exercise will make it almost impossible. It makes me nervous about going to the shops as people will have been in more contact with people outside of their household and the risk of contamination is higher. However, good news is that the weather has been lovely recently which means my family and I have been having more time together in the garden.

Written by a young carer in North Tyneside.