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Carer's Assessment

Any carer who appears to have a need for support should be offered a Carer’s Assessment by North Tyneside Council.

You can have an Assessment regardless of your level of need, the amount of care you provide or your income and finances. You can have an assessment whether or not the person you care for has had a needs assessment or if they have been considered to be not eligible for support.

The assessment will look at how caring affects your life, and whether you are able or willing to carry on caring. It will give you the opportunity to discuss what support and services you need to help you in your caring role and have a life outside of caring. The assessment will look at how caring affects your wellbeing, including your physical, mental and emotional needs. The assessment is not an assessment of your ability to care but a tool to understand the impact of your caring responsibilities.

Following the assessment, North Tyneside Council Adult Social Care will decide if you are eligible for support which can be provided either to you as a carer or to the person you care for to reduce the impact of caring on you.

North Tyneside Council will consider three questions when determining eligibility:

1. Are your needs the result of providing necessary care?

North Tyneside Council defines necessary care as activities that the person requiring support should be able to carry out as part of normal daily life but is unable to do so because of their care and support needs.

2. Does the caring role have an impact on you?

The impact on you must be either:

  1. your physical or mental health is at risk of getting worse, or;
  2. you are unable to achieve at least one of the following outcomes:

In considering whether or not you can achieve these outcomes, the Council must take into account any difficulties you have. You will be considered unable to achieve the outcome if you:

3. Is there or is there likely to be a significant impact on your wellbeing?

The definition of wellbeing includes social and economic wellbeing, personal dignity, control over your day to day life, participation in education, work or social activities, relationships with other people, having suitable accommodation, protection from abuse and neglect.

If the answer to all three questions is yes, then you will have eligible needs.

Eligible needs can be met by providing:

Not all carers will be eligible for support; however you may still benefit from the opportunity to talk about your situation and how the caring role is impacting on your wellbeing.

How to get a Carer’s Assessment?


If you would like support through the Carer's Assessment process, please contact the Centre on (0191) 643 2298.


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